Sunday, November 1, 2009

Post 1: Become A Follower

Benjamin Briggs and I, Jordan Anderson, will post a weekly blog on some music everyone should get their hands on. We will also pick our favorite song on the album and make it available to download free of charge. Then, we will rank the albums out of 5 and tell you a little about it, nothing boring only the juicy stuff. We aim to get straight to the point and put good music in the hands of good people. Sometimes we may post albums that came out recently, while other times I may be fed up with the modern music world and kick it 90s style. Other times we may just complain and not write about any albums. You never know, we are very unpredictable. In 5 words or less we will each describe our musical taste and our 3 favorite bands.
[Anderson- whiskey cigarettes reverb folky trash. (My Morning Jacket, all Conor Oberst projects, and Portugal. The Man) ]
[Briggs-  urban upbeat indie rock. (all Strokes and members projects, Muse, and the White Stripes)]
"if they only have one album, they aren't worthy of the top 3."

The Generationals (Con Laws)
Briggs- When They Fight, They Fight / sun-drenched, throwback, surprising, and a thorough album / 3.5
Anderson- Nobody Could Change Your Mind Knockoff 60s band with poppy horns, echoing guitars, and killer vocals / 3
Julian Casablancas (Phrazes For The Young)
Briggs- Glass /a diverse mix of musical styles tied together by layers of synths and Julian's unmistakable voice / 4.5
Anderson- 11th Dimension / Strokes lead singer gets creative with synthesizers / 3.5
Arctic Monkeys (Humbug)
Briggs- Cornerstone / Somewhere underneath this dark album is the Arctic Monkeys we know / 2.5
Anderson- Cornerstone /The Monkeys have gotten slower, darker, and more mature / 4

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